Thursday, June 23, 2011

Massive Power Failure

On Tuesday night we were sitting around the house waiting on the coffee to finish brewing, when all of a sudden my son, Matthew, yelled out, "uh, you all may want to look outside, it looks really bad." I didn't give it much thought, just got up and walked to the door and looked outside. It did indeed look really bad. I could see a wall of rain headed from House Mountain toward our house and suddenly it started pelting us with drops. The wind was a sickly feeling warm and it was very strong. Limbs began falling from our Persimmon trees in the front yard and leaves were being blown across the yard. We shut the door and sat back down. Then the lights blinked, and blinked, and blinked, and then just shut off. It was around 8:45 PM. "Oh great," I thought, just what we needed, a power outtage. I figured the lights would come back on in a few minutes. I figured wrong....

So, today is Thursday and we still don't have power. Turns out a huge tree from the Thompson's field, blew across the entrance of our road and took out all of the power lines! The last word we heard from KUB was that it may be "3 or 4 days" before power is restored. Oh great.

In the meantime, we've lost nearly all of the food we had in the fridge/freezers. I tried grilling everything I could get my hands on before it went bad. We have really ate good for the past 2 days but now we are out of good food with no sign in sight of having power again. I was able to come to work today but feel really rough. Sleep has been tough because it is so hot in the house plus the smell of candles and an oil lamp has messed up my sinuses.

One good thing has come out of all of this. We have spent a lot of time together as a family. We've read a lot of books and played games together. The kids have actually been very good and gotten along with each other. Last night we had church at our kitchen table since we weren't able to attend our regular church. It was a nice time of Scripture reading and talking about what was read. We also sang and prayed. I read from Mark chapter 13, about the end of times and the kids had lots of questions.

As much fun as we are having, I am ready for the power to come back on! I'd like to take a nice warm shower and not sit around fanning all the time. It will take us forever to get the house back in order and our food replenished but the Lord has watched out for us and I'm grateful.

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